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The North Coast in Egypt is one of the hottest locations for its summer vibes for vacation seekers. Discover new developments and user listings.

Bo Sands

3 Listings

Tan, swim and relax on 800 meter long shores of white sands next to crystal clear waters. The perfect place to be with your family and friends 120km from Marina North Coast. Own your fully finished chalet now at Bo Sands with 7-year installment plans and 5% down payment. Prices starting from 800,000 EGP.

Bo Islands

5 Listings

You could be stuck in traffic every day for an hour or two or take the road to the north coasts renowned Bo Islands, the choice is yours. Tanning in summer, enjoying the beach and having fun with the family is about the best thing you could do with your holidays. The crystallized waterfront homes at Bo islands provide you with a paradise-like view steps away from your home.

Get your north coast home now at 5% down payment and up to 8 years installment plans. Bo islands is the place to be. The electric tram or fascinating fairy bo, sailing from one island to another visiting your family, meeting up with friends at our bay walk for coffee, reaching your clubhouse for exciting lively events. This is your gateway haven.


4 Listings

A magical location that unfolds an exceptionally unique life experience in the middle of Sidi Abdelrahman, North Coast; With it’s Asian Sensation, it takes you to a realm of serenity and calls for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Mix between Luxury and comfort is even better; overlooking golden beaches of the mediterranean sea and watching the sunset in a place like never before.

Your relaxation, fun, and leisure is our utmost goal. Catering to your needs while you enjoy your pleasurable stay with all your family and friends through the weekend or an extended holiday.

Whether it’s hotels, swimming pools, entertainment areas or kids clubs; the place promises to keep you happy at all times.

The Architects & Designers transformed Amwaj into a stunning residential masterpiece consisting of villas, semi-detached villas, and chalets; a total of 1600 units.

The place is close to Alexandria and is a short drive of 136 km from the heart of the city.

Fouka Bay

4 Listings

A Sun-soaked island experience created just for you!
Master planned and created by Tatweer Misr Developments collaborating with Italian architects 5+1AA offering you a pristine coastline proudly crowned as the best spot in the North Coast’s crystalline shoreline. A two-hour drive from Cairo, Fouka bay is now accessible by a newly constructed road.

Our Construction has you in mind. Consisting of a variety of luxurious and architecturally appealing waterfront villas, double-decked twin houses and townhouses, standalone chalets, spacious cabins, and bungalows. Owners can enjoy 360-degree views of waterfronts. Unobscured for your comfort and a pleasant beach lifestyle year-round.

Fouka Bay offers an island experience like no other. Instead of traveling thousands of miles to be on an island; you can wake up to your own paradise with 800 meters of white sandy beaches stretching over and around turquoise lagoons in Ras El Hekma.

When it comes to experiencing the best life could offer, Ras El Hekma has it all. A unique balance between nature and elegant architecture to give you a high end living with scenery that lifts the spirit. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying unique tropical scents while indulging in a fusion between adventure and tranquility that is not offered anywhere else.

You can forget time enjoying the ultimate luxury while spending quality time with those you care for most. Feeling at peace with your family, at home. You deserve this opportunity; it’s rare having it indeed. Your dream is not far from reality, your waterfront home is as real as it can get.

Jefaira Bay

2 Listings

Can you imagine a Mediterranean escape were you would never have to leave?; A blissful getaway that’s becoming a lifestyle, a home.

Jefaira is spread over 5.5 million square meters overlooking the enigmatic shores of the Mediterranean located in the North Coast, Egypt. Owning your unit in Jefaira means that you have access to the salty breeze through the promenade and marina where your eyes can not get the end of the 3.6km of deep azure that Jefaira owners ought to experience.

Strolling in Jefaira along its shores will give you the calm you deserve; or water activities that will keep your body moving.

Merging nature with aesthetics, Jefaira is inspired by a Mediterranean island architecture with natural surroundings.

Located at km 200, Alexandria road; Jefaira is your right to a good weekend or a happy summer. The units across the promenade will take neutral to cool colors with a neat design providing privacy that you deserve.

Living in “paradise on earth” permanently is a reality with Jefaira. The premises provide medical services, educational institutes, community enrichment facilities, and business facilities; so you won’t have to get out.

Consisting of two neighborhoods; The Seacliff and Quayside.

The Seacliff Neighborhood consists of 1097 units with a variety of types such as standalone villas, villas, twin houses, chalets and condos with amenities ranging from beach gardens, terrace parks, terrace clubhouse, and community area.

The Quayside neighborhood in Jefaira is the port, central axis of the coastal city. This area of Jefaira is sustained by a park and community center, where everything from spa & yoga, to boutique hotels, dog parks, and bike lanes gives the area a low density; 80% open space and 20% footprint area. An exclusive neighborhood that is highly efficient fully finished with the maximum utilization of space. Units in this area range from 2-bed apartments with rooftop pools, to stand alone villas, twin houses, attached villas and park chalets that mostly overlooks green spaces, parks, and swimming pools.

Kai Sahel

2 Listings

Want to enjoy a morning walk on the beach, breathing in scents of blossoming flowers while escaping all years stress of work and meetings by looking at the spectacular sunsets display. Rest on the undisputed Mediterranean sands while you take a dose of vitamin D. A suntan on the lagoon while sipping on your favorite juice or cocktail. Kai Sahel is for you! Maybe you just want to feel the grass under your feet on a good days family picnic; taking a quick bite looking at the beach and listening to the waves of the sea! Maybe you just want to enjoy your quality time with your loved one at a candlelit dinner fine dining at the pier. You are full of energy and fun; you love music and want to attend a noisy evening. Taking a relaxing massage treatment after a long work week. You like moving your body and keeping yourself healthy, and you want to play a soccer match with your friends or water sports. Kai Sahel is the place for you, your family and friends under the morning sun!

The Lifestyle

Kai Sahel’s unique blend of luxury, comfort, and peace of mind is what you need. After all, you deserve it!

Let us cater to your needs and the needs of your family members and friends while serving you the perfect retreat.

Kai is built over an area of 207 acres to ensure you have got more space to feel unburdened by the crowd. Offering you a rich experience and a euphoria of scenery and feelings. Providing the comfort of a getaway, helping you recover and restore your spirits for another year of productivity. All our units have a water view, we know you have earned it, and we just want you to relax and enjoy your time. We guarantee that you will be looking at water everywhere you go with a range starting with a pool, lake, spring, lagoon and a prize winner sea-view.


7 Listings

Taking the North Coast and changing it!

Marassi has developed tremendously as the first upscale international destination in the North Coast. The project is on a fast track to establishing itself as a world-class tourism, leisure, and golfing holiday destination.

By 2020, Marassi is on track to joining international marinas and an overall luxury vacation hotspot.

While the North Coast’s weather is warm and stable almost all year, Marassi has established itself as an all year, all season location. From solid sunshine to cold weather, the place offers an all year round residence and service to you and your family.

Located at the renowned Sidi Abdelrahman Bay, known as the Mediterranean’s Gem; the place surely stands as the most crystal clear waters and majestic shores in the region.

It’s also a neighbor to a world war II battlefield, mausoleums, and cemeteries that attract tourists from every corner of the globe.

The heart pulse that Marassi has become has reached its lively community to a revolutionary beach destination experience and upbeat nightlife.

Hospitality and security await you and every owner behind its gates. An exclusive and dedicated portal for you, providing a safe community model. With Marassi’s online support, app and event calendars bundled with news alerts and updates; you will never miss a thing going on in the place no matter where you are on the globe.

A Compound covering over 750 acres with a beachfront of 1500 meters with fully finished units surrounded by 8 swimmable lagoons; developed by the renowned Arco developments.

Just 6km from exit 2 Cairo – Fouka road, Arco developments, a developer that has already developed numerous compounds and commercial projects such as City Stars Mall, La Reve, and Royal Meadows. Arco developments are creating a compound that is eco-conscious. The usage of solar fields makes sure that the consumption of energy is greener than ever.

Location: 192km from Alex 90 km after marina and 6 km from exit 2 Cairo –Fouka road

Maintenance: 10%

Developer: Arco

Size: 750 Acres

Property Types: Chalets, Penthouses, Twin Houses, Town Houses & Villas

Services: 3 Hotels, Club House, Aqua Park, Swimmable Lagoons & City Stars Mall

Payment: 7.5 Years

Finishing: Fully Finished

Delivery: 3 Years

Coast 82

4 Listings

Are you looking for a specific type of property? Coast 82 offers a wide variety of property types and sizes to suit you best. Ranging from exclusive villas, deluxe chalets, and apartments.

Staying true to Hyde Park Developments, Our customer-centric strategy is promising to develop homes that reflect you, your needs and aspirations.

We have you as our major component for the success of our project. You deserve a holiday, and it’s not a dream, your home is here at Coast 82.

While you are keen at hosting your visitors, we have developed a 5-star hotel that overlooks the mesmerizing beach and lagoons.

We want your visitors to be as comfortable as you are with a wide selection through 250 deluxe rooms and suites that are state-of-the-art with the facilities just a step away. Our hotel is not only interested in its visiting residents; we also care about our esteemed homeowners by offering them an exclusive with a wide selection of services.

A Mediterranean like no other; a beach and clubhouse serviced and operated by our hotel offering everything from towels to snacks and drinks to enjoy a carefree day on the beach. A swimming pool by the clubhouse that only needs you to enjoy yourself.

Our community clubhouse boasts a private pool, indoor and outdoor terraces, and lounges to keep you from wasting time on the road going elsewhere.

Lounges, a cafe and snack bar with the utmost attention to the little ones with a safe play area to spend their energy at while keeping you carefree.

For those who are into moving their bodies and keeping their energy levels checked, there is no shortage of activities to get involved in within Coast 82. Offering a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports and recreational activities, pumping your adrenaline while enjoying your time with your family and friends at the tennis, volleyball, or basketball courts; even beach sports.

Adding color to your holiday, Coast 82 presents you the promenade; featuring everything from cafes to restaurants, shops, and convenience stores – surrounded by the turquoise lagoons for your comfort. Located outside the development and away from the private homes with another entrance gate to give you the privacy you deserve and avoid any inconveniences.

Comfort and peace of mind are essential for you, for a perfect holiday; we offer supplementary units for sale to use as staff or storage rooms located within the development and near the utility zone.

Emirates Heights is a project by YafaMac Developments founded in 1999. A community-centric vision concentrated in putting people before bricks. A balance through years and experience has been formed, a perfect equation between luxury and hospitality; offering residents the ultimate home experience at affordable prices.

Innovation and commitment make the implementation of a luxurious experience within a natural surrounding possible. An exclusive experience where safety, serenity, and comfort come first.

Turning landscape into inspirational realities.

Emirates Heights is a coastal capital with a world of options to offer you. Integrating seaside living to cater to your desire.

Emirates Heights Concentrate on aesthetics that articulate in giving you a unique living experience hardly offered elsewhere. , Emirates heights is located in a spectacular location, Cuddling the pristine shores of the north coast. Offering an exclusive getaway for your family’s search of total privacy so you could last the year.

Possessing a variety of contemporary housing units that combine beachfront simplicity with ultimate elegance. The project aims to spoil you into choosing through an array of entertainment facilities and leisure that is offered at every doorstep.

Home to the north coast’s largest Aqua Park, two world-class hotels and marina, and a premium spa; Emirates Heights guarantees you a daily dose of fun under the sun.

Start your day relaxing by the beach, getting a tan and enjoying your cold drink while getting your vitamin D right. You could also join the Yacht Club for a memorable sailing experience across the Mediterranean sea. If you are the adventurous type, The diving center at Emirates Heights offers an exciting experience for those who want to see underwaters colorful life. You can take your loved one on a shopping spree then head to the movies at night. You can even enjoy a restaurant or cafe with your friends and family at night.

The project covers 530,000 m2 and stretches on a 750m of private sandy beach, offering a private and unobscured view for you and every other resident.

The various sea level elevations that Emirates Heights planned offers residents an abundance of colorful experience with the different heights; looking at the natural beauty of the surroundings, dramatic landscape, lush garden oases, and tranquil sea views while sitting comfortably in a contemporary in a luxurious home. Every Day!

Hacienda White

4 Listings

A luxurious brand set on Egypt’s Northern Coast and a favorite for the jet set elite. If you are looking for a gateway in a glamorous, exclusive surrounding, while enjoying breathtaking nature, lavish homes and world-class entertainment all summer long, then this place is for you. The site is spread over 687,000 m2 with 214,000 m2 built-up area and 1130 units to choose from ranging from sites on the lagoon, pool or beach. The site also hosts a clubhouse, boutique hotel, and spa. For those shopping fanatics, the adjacent, Il Corte Mall is home to a select range of retail outlets, cafes and dining spots.

Hacienda white simply a has it all resort!

Hacienda Bay

2 Listings

The hottest destination on the north coast of Egypt. This resort spreads over 2.4 million m2 on the soft sands of the Mediterranean with a built-up area of 550,000 m2 and 2200 units to choose from. The trend is real, Hacienda Bay has secured itself a prestigious position when it comes to the northern coast of Egypt. Hosting an 18-hole Golf Course and a variety of activities that you could do at day and through the night. With a selection of food & beverage culinary restaurants and retail, hacienda indeed has a piece of everyone’s heart.

Waterway New Cairo came as a big success in the lifestyle it offered; as the third venture to Capital way, waterway north coast is beginning to take the northern coast by storm.

Benefiting from the growing market demand of the north coast area, the company’s sea residential and entertainment aspects with the outstanding innovations in property development comes the waterway northern coast.

173 KM from Alexandria, around an hour and a half; located beside La Vista Bay North Coast.

20 Minutes from Al Alamein City and 1 hour from Burj Al Arab Airport

90 minutes from Alexandria Airport

The project will spread over 57 acres which are around 238,000 square meters with 17% footprint and 83% landscape, hardscape and roads.

The project is stretched by a 430-meter shore

The luxurious feel of the waterway is what is expected by many to be implemented on the north coast. The greenery, water and luxurious features of the project are beyond your expectation.

The 381 residential units of the waterway north coast consist of 5 types of fully finished properties.

A- VIP (5 bedrooms)
B- Standalone Villa (4 Bedrooms)
C- Twin house (3 Bedrooms)
D- Townhouse (3 Bedrooms)
Chalet (3 Bedrooms)

All the units mentioned above are level from 6 meters to 42 meters above sea level.

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